What is Pratibha Parv initiative scheme ?

Pratibha Parv scheme was launched across all administration schools in Madhya Pradesh in 2011 by the School Training Division, Legislature of Madhya Pradesh, Pratibha Parv, in a real sense a celebration of greatness, is a far reaching drive for the evaluation of educating and learning, and assessment of instructive offices and exercises. Indeed, even as the public authority is putting forth attempts to resolve issues connected with infrastructural deficiencies and understudy dropouts by executing plans, for example, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the Late morning Dinner program, focusing on parts of educating and figuring out how to work on the presentation of understudies in schools is similarly significant. The school system experiences an absence of infrastructural offices as well as from the lack of thoroughly prepared and inspired instructors. Factors, for example, a high pace of educator non-appearance, expanded drop-out rates and under-staffed government schools unfavorably influence the nature of instruction.

Pratibha Parv draws upon the ‘Gunotsav model’ of Gujarat, which likewise surveys the presentation of understudies along these lines. It tries to acquaint a thorough evaluation approach with further develop the general schooling system across all state-run schools in Madhya Pradesh.

Goal Set for scheme

The target of Pratibha Parv is to evaluate the scholarly presentation of understudies and guarantee improvement in nature of training in essential and upper elementary schools. It additionally attempts to make mindfulness in educators and among the overall population in regards to the nature of training. Aside from evaluating the general foundation, the drive investigates the arrangement of extra long periods of educational cost classes for low achievers. Pratibha Parv is instrumental in confirming the accessibility and utilization of school offices, and endeavors to give social review potential open doors and foster a feeling of responsibility of the local area in the instructive cycle and establishments.


The vital partners of the program incorporate Rajya Shiksha Kendra (RSK), Bhopal which is the executing organization, the Public Informatics Place (NIC) which offers specialized help, the Directorate of Public Guidelines and Ancestral Improvement Directorate, lastly school understudies and instructors who are the recipients.


The Pratibha Parva appraisal is completed in two stages spread more than two days. The main stage is a self-examination based assessment including essential and center school understudies. This is embraced within the sight of authorities from various government divisions at the region level. The second period of Pratibha Parva connects with the assessment of different angles including the schools’ scholarly accomplishments and showing plans, school the executives and conveniences along with local area interest. This stage happens within the sight of Class I and Class II officials from all divisions in the region.

The drive is coordinated in a mission mode with consideration regarding its promotion, directing gatherings with the panchayats, educators and other staff and using Data Correspondence and Innovation (ICT) devices.

The aftereffects of the Pratibha Parv make the establishment for creating school improvement plans taking care of areas of scholastic and educational program exercises that require extraordinary consideration. The drive gives criticism on various angles, for example, school framework, educating and growing experiences, accomplishment levels of understudies in various subjects, ID of frail understudies, educator preparing and addressing different necessities and prerequisites.

Training sessions

Pratibha Parv is contacting numerous understudies and educators in under-resourced schools and giving them a chance for better nature of training. It has decreased the feeling of dread toward assessment among understudies by making the evaluation strategy more understudy agreeable.

This drive has effectively added to raising the participation of elementary school understudies from 71 to 78% (2011-2013), raised center school participation from 79.1 to 84% (2011-2013) and decreased the apprehension about customary homeroom assessments among understudies. This drive takes care of roughly 1,00,00,000 understudies in 1,12,788 school.


In the same way as other different drives focussing on further developing the training situation in the country, particularly in government schools, Pratibha Parv at first attempted to achieve changes in existing framework and persuading educators and understudies about the new evaluation program. Long-drawn dealings with the instructors’ association were embraced to determine the issue.

One more test the drive confronted related to the differential capacities of understudies inside a similar class. Since the drive is carried out across the state, challenges concerning limit related issues in adjusting to the new practice were experienced. Further issues were likewise looked in normalizing the information passage design and the web-based updation of other significant data.


The utilization of limited and accessible assets makes Pratibha Parv a self-practical drive. The turn of events and execution of Pratibha Parv required no extra assets. The program use existing assets, both monetary and human, in an expense and time-bound way.
Pratibha Parv presents an incredible instance of making a stride towards working on the nature of school training. This model has been valued by guardians, the local area as well as by different states. Self-examinations and departmental and outsider evaluations have distinguished the lacunae in the schooling system and the complete appraisal program has helped scholar and authoritative direction.


What is YET?

YET is an Entrance Examination for selection of eligible candidates for award of scholarships under the YASASVI Scheme

What is YASASVI?

PM YASASVI means PM Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for Vibrant India for OBCs and Others. It is an umbrella Scheme for OBCs, EBCs and DNTs. It is a Central Sector Scheme for providing Top Class School Education to OBCs/EBCs & DNTs.

How to get selected for scholarship?

Selection of candidates for the award of scholarships under the scheme is through a written test called YASASVI Entrance Test (YET).

Why is the YET being conducted?

The Young Achievers Scholarship entrance test is being held for selection of candidates belonging to OBC, EBC and DNT categories, studying in Class IX and Class XI for award of scholarship for studying in Schools identified by the MSJ&E.

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