What is Lokprasar Prakalpo Scheme and top 5 advantages?


An Initiative of the Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the Department of Information & Cultural Affairs has unveiled a new flagship project called “LokprasarPrakalpo.” The project’s principal goals are to (1) Give folk artists dignity by giving them identity cards, (2) Preserve Bengal’s original folk forms, (3) Restore nearly extinct folk art and cultural forms, and (4) Improve the socioeconomic circumstances of folk artists. The following programmes have been carried out by the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs under “LokprasarPrakalpo”:

  • Issuing Identity card to each folk-artiste.
  • Organizing monthly pension for veteran and distressed folk-artistes.
  • Granting of retainer fee to artistes.
  • Arranging for the minimum income by engaging them in the public campaign programme on development projects.

How to apply Lokprasar Prakalpo Scheme

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Name of the schemeDetails
Lokprasar SchemeWest Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Culture Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2017
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeFor the benefit of Folk Music Artists in West Bengal
Application processOffline
Official websiteClick Here

Issuing Identity cards

Giving every folk-artist dignity is just one of the many goals that the “LokprasarPrakalpo” is trying to achieve. Folk musicians, sadly, rarely receive the attention they deserve and are still marginalised in society. Through Lokprasar Prakalpo, the government has taken the effort to provide them their just honour. 84,720 artists have received identity cards thus far around the state.

Organizing monthly pension

Bengal has a large number of folk artists who have performed in numerous shows with renown and garnered public interest. Due to their advanced age, the majority of them are no longer able to perform. They don’t have a reliable source of income, and nobody is taking care of them. Through LokprasarPrakalpo, the government supports them and provide social security to them. Folk performers who are older than 60 receive pensions through LokprasarPrakalpo. Currently, 8,596 artists in West Bengal receive a monthly salary of Rs. 1000.

Granting retainer fee

Folk performers under 60 who are employed by LokprasarPrakalpo and working on publicity campaigns for several departments are paid a retainer of Rs. 1000 per month. The retainer price has been paid to folk artists up until this point in time, or roughly 1,94,300.

Arranging minimum income

Through LokprasarPrakalpo, the government is tasked with making its Flagship Programme known to the general population. For instance, folk artists are used to tell the general public about programmes like SarboSikhsaAvijan and Nirmal Bangla as well as schemes like Kannyasree, Yubasree, and Sikshasree. An effort has been made to arrange 4–5 programmes for each performer. Following table shows the breakup of enlisted folk artists in districts:

Enlisted Folk Artistes
 Name of the DistrictsTotal Enlisted F.A.s
1Cooch Behar9,268
6Uttar Dinajpur16,138
7Dakshin Dinajpur3,932
11North 24 Parganas11,306
12South 24 Parganas6,090
15Purba Medinipur11,491
16Paschim Medinipur12,835
20Purba Bardhaman13,277
21Paschim Bardhaman1,419

Advantages of Lokprasar Schemes

The Lokprasar Scheme has numerous goals and purposes. As a result, everyone in Bengal will reap a number of advantages. So let’s find out what the Lokprasar Scheme’s advantages are.

  1. The Bengali culture would be protected and given more respect under the Lokprasar Scheme. As a result, everyone in Bengal would be able to experience the country’s authentic cultural flavour. Additionally, Bengali culture will be able to become very well-known throughout the world.
  2. Under the Lokprasar Prakalpa, the state government would issue identity cards to loco artists. Every folk artist in West Bengal will consequently acquire their unique standing.
  3. To make the lives of folk singers simpler, the West Bengal State Government has made plans to give current pensions under the Lokprasar Scheme.
  4. All folk artisans between the ages of 18 and 60 will receive Rs. 1000 per month under this programme from the state government.
  5. Senior loco artists over the age of 60 will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 under the Lokprasar Scheme from the state government.
  6. Additionally, the state government of Bengal gave Rs. 1000 to the artists who took part in government publicity campaigns as part of the PR Scheme.

Who can apply?

The Lokprasar Scheme would be available to all permanent residents of West Bengal. The applicant must, however, be actively interested in folk art. The loco artist might need to present his voter card or Aadhaar card as identification when applying.

Additionally, applicants for the Lokprasar Scheme should bring two duplicates of their passport-size photos. Additionally, make sure you have a personal bank account before applying.

How to apply?

Online mode – Official website: https://wblpp.in/index.html

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